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"We just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how impressed we are with the camp Derek attended this past week in Webster.  His confidence level is through the roof and he improved as much in a week as I would expect in a season.  Did I mention he had a ton of fun and it was the only week of the year he did not complain about getting out of bed? This was a wonderful experience for him and has helped him not only with his skating and hockey skills but with his social skills as well.  We are so appreciative of everyone who worked with Derek and we can't wait to attend some of the one day clinics in the fall and winter as well as next summer.  When can we sign up?  Thank you, thank you, thank you."


Kelly and Joe 

"Thanks Jim. I am really a big fan of your camp and clinics. If it was up to me USA hockey should video it and use it for the coaches clinics. The kids are having fun, learning and staying engaged. Gabby has enjoyed each of them and is noticeably better after each clinic."

Thanks again – Kevin

"Cole had a great week at camp. Thanks to you and your staff for being teachers of the game. We have been to clinics and camps where kids are run through drills and skated around cones. Your camp was different. The breakdown, repetition and teaching of skills was awesome. We saw improvement after the first day and were blown away with his growth after the week.
Thanks for the supervision on and off the ice that created the effective
learning environment. First Class Camp!!"

"I just wanted to let you know that Lyrik took your Backwards Skating clinic and what a difference it made in his backward skating speed.  The other thing I want to compliment you on was the Breakaway Clinic. I must admit I wasn't sure if it was worth it or not until his game yesterday.  He scored two goals and both of them he drove the net, skated just past the goalie and backhanded his shot just out of reach of the goaltender. My wife and I couldn't believe it.

Thank you for doing such a great job coaching and please let me know whenever you have more clinics."  

- Rebecca

"Just wanted to reach out with a hearty THANK YOU for running the Breakaway Clinic last week. Your drills, advice and time for reps came in handy last night when two of our players (Ruby & Greta) found the back of the net in our league championship game… it went to a shootout! The hundreds of reps that Avery got between the pipes also was a game changer as she stuffed both of the shots she faced (and successfully defended a penalty shot in a game on Saturday)! 

Just wanted you to get a little shout-out!" 
Thanks again,


"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a great 2 days of camp both my kids really had a great time and it’s definitely lit a fire in my son to really try and excel at the game. We will definitely be coming back again it was a great experience thank you so much!"

No, Thank You!

Working with your skaters has been and continues to be extremely rewarding and enjoyable for our instructors. We do not expect these kind words but the improvements you share with us are what we strive for. We thank you for sharing  your experience and for bringing skaters who are eager and intent on learning.

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