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Summer Camps 2024 


Strong Hockey offers three week-long camps each summer: 

The Summer is a great time to Improve Your Skills in a

Fun Environment!






Your Skater Will Receive Expert Instruction – totaling 16 on-ice hours!


 Each camp begins with a 1-hour Sunday session. Throughout the week, your skater will be with instructors for 6 hours daily. This includes 3 hours on-ice per day with equal parts of power skating and puck handling sessions. At the end of each week, there will be a Fun Friday scrimmage during the last ice session, which we encourage parents to attend. 


 Each skater will receive a complimentary Strong Hockey jersey on arrival and a personalized improvement letter upon departure. Between each session, campers will enjoy fun outside activities and a lunch hour with a movie. Campers are free to bring their own lunches or buy lunches which each respective arena offers.  

Click each arena to access the brochure!

   "This camp was exactly what Victoria needed. The coaches take time to explain and demonstrate the drills to the large group and then breaking into smaller groups to give individual feedback, was spot on for her development. I loved how the coaches rotated, looking at the kids learning experience.
    You could see the respect that the kids had for the coaching staff by the way they listened and worked hard to follow your direction. More important at least to me, then the skills leaned was the kids and coaches really seemed to be having fun. Although the kids left with sore legs, (probably some of the coaches too) they were happier, more confident, and had a greater love for hockey than the week before.

    I want to congratulate you on not only coaching great hockey but also on improving the kids self-esteem.
- Sincerely, Tim"

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