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Skills Clinics

 We teach specific hockey skills for your skater's improvement. Skills development is critical for each player to improve their fundamentals. We teach the skill, and our skaters practice drills that apply to game-like situations.  

  We review each technique as a group, then divide into four smaller groups to practice each skill. One-on-One instruction is a focus throughout each portion.

 Our four on-ice instructors take great pride in teaching techniques to each individual skater. We take a personal interest in each student's development. 

 All clinics will accept a maximum of 32 skaters with 4 Instructors.  If we do have more than 32, we will have additional instructors on-ice. 

Please Find the Strong Hockey Skills Clinics Agenda for 2023-24 below: 

Every year, you and the team you assemble demonstrate the love for the game, and every year, my kids fall more in love with hockey, the experiences, and the people they meet. Thank you for being a positive piece of the hockey community!"

Landon started practice today.  His improvement in skating and stick handling is dramatic.  Your camp was terrific for him!"


"Thanks for another great clinic. My son very much enjoys the camp and the clinics throughout the year. Every time he attends one, I see him applying something he learned from it in practice and / or games that follow. It is awesome to see him be able to retain the knowledge and skills learned.” 


March 13th: 

Checking Clinic at Scottsville Arena

Play with Confidence!

To-be Bantams and 2nd Yr. Pee Wees:  7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

*We will match skaters according to age and size*

Learn Proper Body Positioning to Receive Checks Safely

Learn to Give Checks Safely in the corners, along the boards 

Open Ice Hits, Forechecking with Angles

Click Here for Scottsville Checking Clinic

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